OAH court is a trap for nurses !

Avoid at all costs and no you do not have to go there . Why is it clear and convincing evidence for Drs , but nurses preponderance of the evidence . (Which was some whacko Udall’s , dreamed up screw the women over , they aren’t important. Then it is beyond a reasonable doubt for criminals.

Why aren’t nurses fighting for equal rights ?

Drs one rule

criminals another rule

nurses , what ever nonsense they can dream up .

Anyone have a case that included EVIDENCE ? real evidence and not some distorted notion by the bon. ?

Then there is Fed court, brno wives is one of the judges, it’s a rigged event as well.

Best to get out of AZ if you want to have some type of professionalism in the court room , and a fighting chance. DO NOT ALLOW THE CASE TO CONTINUE AT OAH . (atty for Drs says never uses it , a misfit of a system a miscarriage of justice ) .

3 thoughts on “OAH court is a trap for nurses !”

  1. This is what they do to Drs all day long , they can better afford it and have more invested. for nurses add a few more states Fla for one, Calif not alone . AZ knows that they have already striped , raped, beaten , wrongly defamed and to add this , they won’t get paid anyways / cause AZ revokes more than any other . Who would pay this ?? no one in their right mind. They can’t attach it to any property , they won’t take it out of income tax , or soc sec , you would have to be nuts to pay for this over the top crazy , what the bon calls , investigations . That would be a court action alone. When you put Naira Kuterian as a “senior investigator ???? She fell flat on her stupid face , and is back to being a legal ass. Then Gari Carrol neither one is competent, Gari is Mamaluy’s pet , she will sit up and roll over for her any day all day . INCOMPETENT to be a investigator. Pay them for their witch hunts by an uneducated non nurse, non certified peace officer . That would be a good court action all by itself. All of it is under jokey ridenour’s watch.

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    1. The BON get some severe kick backs from hospitals. Not all board operate this way . More corruption, avoid the real courts , not the sham court in the basement , right under jokey’s udders . “Appearance of being a separate , totally unconnected with the BON , and other agencies ” who ever wrote this needs to be locked up for the criminal insane, along with Emma Mamaluy and Jokey Ridenour .


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