ROBIN SCHAEFFER another rotten embarrassment !

Why is it the one that makes president of the AZNA is a turn coat, traitor to nurses ? Like their own little gang or childish clique , in bed with the BON.

It is the “political ” backing of the bon ,and sponsoring bills that give the BON more power , that is the devastation to good experienced nurses . ROBIN SCHAEFFER sat her lying butt in a BON meeting , when they discussed whether the nurse pays for psych evaluations or the BON . Who said “THE NURSES <hmmm what nurses ??? her dedication to the azna members who agreed with her , they are bad and crazy and caused it so make them pay , stupidly talking the AZNA members into they will raise the license fees, (so illegal to imply this) and what kind of vote did you take stupid Schaeffer ? ALL of the licenses in AZ had a chance for input and comment . ?? Or just your group who are backing the BON and in exchange your butt is covered no matter what ?

So remember when your paying out that huge amount of money out of your budget while you are out of work that ROBIN SCHAEFFER backed this, and when you get a dirty doc on THE LIST, to write something as simple , to give them ANYTHING to go on , for probation, and you realize the scam , you will not be able to get how this DIRTY DOC came up with it because of SELINA BLISS passed a bill, as a dirty political hack . And when your name is on the DOH web page it was JANAE SHAMP , who sponsored that bill. EVA BURCH is not going to work for the people either . ALL dirty nurses working for the corrupt BON. JOKEY RIDENOUR will be gone, she in the cross hairs of those who will give her the boot . Sad when one has to be asked to leave and cannot admit they made a lot of mistakes and are not competent to do the job legally , fairly , and take care of nurses who did their best, worked long hours, did a hard horrible job at times and end it all be a corrupt AZ BON agency . SAD for all of them , think they are so important , they will wear the name they made for themselves for ever.

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