EMMA MAMALUY RUMOR MILL The AZ BON sticking their nose way to far up your business .

One of those ‘how to protect your license’ who doesn’t know AZ BON weird ways , writes if you attend NP school you should tell them you have discipline on your license .

The nursing educational program you plan to attend will have to decide whether you’re a candidate in reflection of any past discipline. If your license is on probation or other restriction, you will be unable to take part in clinicals because you need an active license to participate. If you are currently in school for higher education and have a complaint pending against your license, many want to complete the education before you resolve the matter, if possible. However, I believe honesty is the best policy. If you have discipline pending, you should tell the school. It is public record and if they find out and you did not tell them…

Are these lawyers that dumb in AZ they got time to spend 100’s of hours digging for any sprinkle of dirt or what they can twist !

The AZ BON WILL INFORM YOUR SCHOOL BELIEVE ME !!! They act like a controlling nasty , can’t wait to tell the worst . If someone is going to school they obviously know what going on with the bon is BS !

What do you think about the AZ BON going to extreme lengths to spread the dirty word ?And what do you think they are telling the person on the other end of the phone, who’s school is approved or not by the BON. Exaggrations R us Bon, isn’t that right Mamaluy ?? Who is on the other end of the phone . “we have a substantial situation , ” drama queen . rumor spreading drama queen lying lead of the corruption at the bon .

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