Nikki Rae Austin loser

a blast from the past, Elizabeth (DAWN ) Campbell got so pissed off by this witch NIKKI RAE AUSTIN , she told JOKE RIDENOUR , she wanted her out. Campbell and Austin butting heads like two school yard bullies trying to place blame and wipe their wrong doings off on the other. She Knew it was coming. She also knows how the dirty BON operates so she put her license on inactive , in a let’s make a deal , move. The Witch has been spotted (like a slippery lizard snaking around ) working in AZ as a RN . ASSTIN she just does not last ANYWHERE, her relationships her jobs . her address book is thicker than a white pages of Chicago . And her names of ex’s you’d have to turn the page over to continue . So many of them scorned by this venom spewing witch.

4 thoughts on “Nikki Rae Austin loser”

  1. Another one changing their name to throw people off. This is what the former and worst gov of az did . stacked the courts . She went to medical board fell on her face as did Campbell, docs won’t put up with their crap. They can’t last against a level playing field . Now campbell’s sitting in a corner trying to hide from her pick slip and begging to come back to the BON for her gossiping little girl tricks and act like a gossipy girl . tee hee hee. And Krishna has no clue what she is doing , wearing a robe , like the misfits on the BON Ducey appointed . Sunita Krishna Cairo is a judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona. Cairo assumed office in 2022. Cairo’s current term ends on January 6, 2025.

    She was appointed to the court on October 14, 2022 by Doug Ducey (R) to fill a vacancy.


  2. even the case load for H C workers is a lie , correction” she handles such bullshit cases as a NP not filling a RX on a patient she had never seen , a black man from penn who was called the n word by a patient , and did nothing wrong the police would not even write a report on, a gal who ‘s mgt in apt complex put in lies about her , a he said she said krishna was able to revoke every license on these good nurses with the help of a corrupt board of nursing and back room deals all based on who they were at the time of their false allegations’ . (her avvo says NO complaints , this needs a correction ! ) THE LIES ::: Krishna is currently an Assistant Attorney General with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. Her cases involve healthcare professionals who have been implicated in a wide range of misconduct including sexual assault, theft, diversion of narcotics from healthcare facilities, and practicing below the standard of care. She has also handled special actions filed in superior court, as well as appeals before the Arizona Court of Appeals.


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