Tiffany Fotinos new atd program assistant

Someone climbing the ladder at the bon, can only mean one thing . She is willing to do the Ridenour dance, sing for the lying lawyer , and pretend it’s all normal. WTH does a rheumatoid arthritis np know about running a program like this . (hint : she doesn’t have to know anything ! just be a parrot of the board . Andrea Vasquez sure didn’t last long. she was unprofessional anyways, simple. easily brain washed by rumors . Many of them are . They just cannot see beyond the end of their noses.

Why is it that so many leave and such a big turn around . 1) Jokey Ridenour doesn’ t pay out of pocket to pay training 2) they catch on to what they REALLY have to do 3) when caught not following the laws/ rules they fire the person to make it look like they did everything to correct it . 4) Joke has emma mamaluy willing to put that arce on the line , a big line , to keep her cushy corruption creep cadaver of nurses going .

3 thoughts on “Tiffany Fotinos new atd program assistant”

  1. Get rid of the contract you put in place when you received your nursing license, if you are simply traveling/working and not doing commercial business you don’t need it to work under our constitutional law…just state law, but what again trumps state law…yep federal law !!! Stop asking for permission to do what is guaranteed in federal law!! Our claims of working under our rights has been affirmed “the claim and exercise of a Constitutional right CANNOT thus be converted into a crime!!”. Pretty clear distinction between having a right and having a right be converted into a privilege and either have that privilege revoked or converted into a crime!!!!


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