no ethics . she will give the board many ‘hint ‘ words without really talking in sentences . She thinks she is so slick , but she has got to get up a little earlier to fool so many . Only ones who will follow her lies are McCormies , Fountain, Boyer . A real dirty one that mamaluy . just lay in the weeds long enough , lay in wait for the right time , then pop out like a tiger , with all paws on her lies and crazy talk . She is behind every dirty deed this board does. Mamaluy worked for corrupt BRNOVICH . Can we say skank ! !


  1. AZ has a BON that cannot make motions, stop clearing the cum out of their throats , have the brains not to cough into the mic ,and really made fools of themselves 2/23 Carolyn McCormies and her introduction was enough to toss your cookies , that ‘put on’ dirty witch . packed room. she can’t handle it . should happen more often .

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    1. MAMALUY worked at AG office and we are reading the crud that surfaced there . Corruption for her is not a learned behavior. She just feels more comfortable with like minds like Tom Horne, who ‘s description is fitting for JOKE RIDENOUR as well “””Horne is the poster senior citizen who ran a corrupted life and cannot retire enjoy life, he can’t get happy. His glad spot is dirty politics . Got to have drama and conflict and screwing people over,even children and of course think they are a legend in their own minds.”” This is JOKE Ridenour’s comment on hold to post as a live lived in the dirt pool of politics ! Even right down to the children . !! Ridenour ever think that the nurses put out of work put the children in poverty . No she ‘s only counting her money and giving that SMIRK look of her , with a gleem of let them try to get rid of me .


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