Thurs packed crowd BON, and then at end of Fri BON meeting. EMMA MAMALUY the BON high paid liar , tried to fling her crap around again. Using words like , GENUINELY . (Throws head back mouth wide open and insert a loud dirty sarcastic laugh ) !!! There is NOTHING GENUINE about this liar !!

“WE are not being unfair “.


Then Caroly McCormies pipes up with her bull SH*T lies and more lies. MCCORMIES will never disagree with EMMA HER MENTOR .

So a vote went around for punitive action , Angela Fountain, McCormies Puppet , who always side with the dumb blond broke ranks . But then Angela Fountain is in the news enough for her stupid comments . “no” Elizabeth Boyer the true blue Banner Bimbo , can’t separate from her substitute bishop McCormies, and went along with the jaded bitch “yes” , then Smith, GCU dippy do who AGAIN this bd meeting proved she cannot make a motion ! Carmen Hill, well , self serving only , “yes’ Lawanda Mann another pretend Dr never been to medical school, who is a wanna be PI “yes’ , Shareedah AL Hark , doesn’t really know what’s going on , ‘yes’ Charlene Ellis , who is genuine trying to do the right thing “no’ . Margie (trying to use little girls name like she is so much FUN , MARGARET shultz , new board member hard ass , ‘yes’ . Krya , still flipping her hair and paying NO ATTENTION.


  1. OMG as if the BON nazis are crazy enough , telling nurses they are ‘concerned when they see patterns” Uh huh , well show me a pattern . The ONLY pattern is the corruption that goes on at the Bd of Nursing agency . Notice how McCormies school is not looked at real hard do you think Cindy George is honest ? George was involved in retaliation complaint on a school that didn’t hire her . MCCormies is so crooked they will have to screw her in the ground when she’s dead. Along with her mouth piece . EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY .
    Aspen University Nursing Program Given Notice Of Possible Shutdown

    Students who are currently in the process of obtaining their Nursing degree at a local school should be deeply concerned they will not be able to complete their program

    The Arizona State Board of Nursing voted on Thursday to place Aspen University’s nursing program on a 10-day notice of potential shutdown due to the program’s ongoing struggle to meet basic educational requirements.

    During the special meeting on Thursday, the concerns in question were the program’s curriculum, clinical hours and nurse licensing exam scores board. They Board voiced concerned over a noticeable pattern of behavior that has been concerning.

    The board is set to meet again after the 10 day period to determine a final decision. If their concerns remain, their vote will stand and students who are near graduation will not be allowed to complete their program.

    Aspen University nursing students are deeply concerned that their time and investment may have been wasted.

    In September of 2022, the Aspen University reportedly agreed to voluntarily surrender their state-issued nursing program approval after completing their remaining students program. That planned teach-out is in jeopardy as the state remains to have big concerns over the basic education requirements that the school is not meeting.

    If the program is shut down, there has been no solution provided for those students who are in the midst of their program. It is doubtful those will be able to recover their financial investment or if they will be permitted to complete their nursing program at another university.


  2. Yoooooo….Skank Ridenour how much money are you laundering? Skank….we know you are too, because judges, lawyers, politicians, & cops have been caught in AZ laundering cartel money. You have property in northern AZ worth 3 million dollars, how does a c*nt like you get that kind of money?
    You closing a University who won’t pay you a certain amount of their proceeds is criminal activity, “oooooohhh but it’s not me it’s the liar Emma who is doing it.” You MF”er Ridenour.


  3. Now we know why no Lawyer will properly DEFEND A NURSE who’s been FALSELY ACCUSED OF WRONG DOING AFTER WE REPORT ONE OF YOUR CARTEL RAN MEDICAL FACILITIES. Ridenour is dirty , and your cohort P. Fine who got 25 million for a BS retirement lie but continues to work. AZ HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION is ran by the MEXICAN CARTELS. Boy Ducey is in on it too, he gave billions to the corrupt board of nursing to get more nurses after a dirty board run by Ridenour take the licenses of righteous nurses.


    1. Notice Marla Moore who pretends to be this holy roller , name is back on the BON, she was there years ago . Although the pay checks never stopped. Years of salary and was not listed as an employee . Marla knows she was getting paid, and never at work or working from home . Why was her name not listed as employee all those years she got salary ? Closing in on Ridenour’s crooked way s. Blame game starts !!!


    2. have a client right now who is a victim of this in another state. Her school was approved by the State Board of Nursing but had horrible graduation and NCLEX passing grades. Yet Board has continued to allow to operate. Some of the nurses with “fake diplomas” fell into traps like this. They did not go about purchasing diplomas with intent to be fraudulent. They attended these sham nursing schools that could not graduate them. They then looked for a program they could transfer to and remediate and obtain the credits they needed. Many of these nurses were from Africa they didn’t know the difference between a strip mall nursing school and a proper community College program. Plus Nursing Boards were approving these scam schools.
      These nursing students who couldn’t graduate but had completed a year or two of legitimate classes and clinical rotatations then got caught up in another scam. They transferred to another school in Florida or NY after having transcripts reviewed and told they needed certain credits and an exit exam to graduate. They would pay 10,000 to 15,000 to make up what they believed was necessary credits to graduate by Board approved school. They would travel to Florida or other cities and take courses or just do exam having paid their money and be granted a diploma as an LVN or RN. They were scammed all along.


  4. Lets not forget RAM KRISHNA MD IN AZ, remember he gave the University in Tucson a million dollars. That was money he got through the Mexican Cartels. It’s No Coincidence that UR SCABBED FACED OLE MAN Ridenour, RAM KRISHNA, and the EX gov Doug Ducey were all on the Regency for the AZ UNIVERSITIES, nor is it a coincidence that that MF ’in STUPID SUNITA KRISHNA WAS HELPING U fuk over good nurses who reported ur dirty drug cartel money.
    Mexican Cartel money U scab Ridenour. I bet me calling what you are gets under UR THIN SKIN.
    It was no coincidence that that corrupted SUNITA WAS PUT IN AS A JUDGE EITHER.

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    1. Lots of low life trash out of yuma the armpit of az . Machele headington, Marla Moore, Kimberly/ Larry Sucui , Krishna / Ram Sunita / Deborah Aders, Robert Trenschel , Anne totsch, Pancrazi, Norris, bharat , Lines , Jim Adarson , and don’t for BREWER , ex gov who ‘s son an atty was in the office with Wild Bill Ridenour . Cozy . Ridenour regents was a joke . Now AWC and YRMC over sized morgue , are partners , it never ends the nepotism


  5. EMMA MAMALUY Hanging with “The Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards”. Ohhhhhhh so sad. Lehner the fool you might want to change your FK”in password.
    Skank Ridenour was grooming dumb ass Emma in 2011 to come over to the donut aisles, so Emma obliged the skank Ridenour because Emma has really never cared much for hotdogs anyway.
    You 2 telling people that we who properly & legally disagree with (a corrupt board) in a court of law is harassment, lol lol lol, WTF, more laughter, OMG my gut is aching from laughing.

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    1. EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY will want to change more than her name when the festering zit turns into a boil and starts to break . McCormies won’t bail you out they turn on their own , and your just a stinky cheese head who can’t do an honest days work .


    (Chair of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors Ron Gould states he’s voting to certify the 2022 general election under duress:
    “I have no choice but to vote ‘Aye’ or I will be arrested and charged with a felony “).

    Let me say it does not matter what political side you choose, no one should be threatened to: “If you don’t sign I will revoke your license”.
    You G** Damned JOKE Ridenour, Your envelope is get EXPOSURE. Your foul #$%^& Ridenour.


    1. NEVER SIGN . It takes a lot not to because you know you will lose your entire career , job , future , and reputation by a out of control board. Only a wicked witch like JOKEY RIDENOUR would put nurses in this position and not bat an eye .


  7. It seems the CRAZY PSYCHOTIC nut bag Ridenour has been playing both sides of the aisle. Therefore playing everyone against everyone so she can stay on top like a PEDOPHILE.

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    1. She’s not that smart , she is a dirty director and many groups know it . She keeps a big turn over at the BON agency because she isn’t quite sure who is giving inside info . Always looking over her shoulder , spending her days searching on others , ignoring any BON mandates . She has some inside and outside now singing like a canary .


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