ELIZABETH CAMPBELL wont go away !!

Looks like Charlie Hoover did not make it to the bon meeting, Calling in sick this early ? Of course Campbell jumped right on that , she wants to be with the stupid board members and staff , they pose no challenge . She can tell them what to do , even though she words it “IF YOUR SO INCLINED” hint hint , with added ‘you can do what ever you want ” . THIS IS LEGAL ADVISE > such Bull puckey . Basically telling staff no rules no laws no end to what this over reach board can do . GO AWAY CAMPBELL , YOU DID ENOUGH DAMAGE BITCH !

5 thoughts on “ELIZABETH CAMPBELL wont go away !!”

    1. You can’t mistake that sneaky voice , hinting around to BON members how to vote , then saying , (after the big hinT ) you can do what you want . How long with this scab Campbell be allowed to do what ever she wants . Tune it , going on, or listen to recording by mon/ tues . depends on how long it takes them to jury rig it !


      1. looks like Med board had change of heart . Didn’t like or want Elizabeth “BETH” AKA DAWN ” Campbell . Like Brno bar complaint , karma , see how she likes losing a license to support her lazy self )oh wait , her husband looks like another bought off alj paid for , and his opinion , to always stick with the state . bias judge, of course calling him a judge is like calling a nurse with a phd a Dr . nite and day !


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