PHP programs for Drs.

IS as big a farce as the tons of psych evals for nurses at their expense but only by the dirty doc on the BON list. IT is rigged . The ones with the medical board are associated with the BON member , Comm. Bridges . Gateway . It is all connected .

Of course Emma Mamaluy knows it is all a down and dirty trick. That is why she is friends with the two ‘doctors’ willing to sell out their colleagues . STEVEN KARP d . o. and MICHAEL SUCHER ,

The devastation that these programs have caused many highly skilled and caring doctors is huge . Of course it is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY in the end. Extremely sad are the ones who want help , even for something personal and turn to their own board for assistance . And get screwed royally . Mamaluy will pay for her part in for sure one day. She should just take advantage of free psych help, because there is something not right with the one !!

One thought on “PHP programs for Drs.”

  1. I think she’s a diabetic & not too caring about her health and poor stress management. Take a close nursing look. I’ve always believed diabetics moods are predicated by Pizza controlled blood Glucose fluctuations making them a lousy fit work requiring stability. My guess if you did BS on all bd employees at 10 am every day they’d be right off of the charts.


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