AZBN meeting , quite a crowd showed up .

Just wondering those who have been at this longer than we have , questions ::

Have you ever seen a CRNA up for emergency suspension and allow the case to be moved to the next meeting ??

This seems rather odd, at first ANgela Fountain (the board member who is into saving CRNA’s “because they worked so hard for their degree” . BOO HOO! A CNA , LPN , Rn she looks down on like she is superior , (go f yourself Fountain ) ! She seemed like she was for punishment, but then her ‘easy to get her to change her mind and follow McCormies hints ‘ kicked in . Carolyn and ANgela are best buddies . Angela got involved with that liar , and political hack job McCormies. Birds of a feather . No back bone for Fountain. Betting she’d lie for her too . Very rare to bon to put a case on next agenda, and never when a nurse asks only when atty’s request . Nurses are second rate deserve no consideration. and the AZNA is still siding with every bad move this dirty board makes !

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