The TRUTH needs to be printed . If CAROLYN MCCORMIES comments don’t make you wanna puke your toenails up , not sure what will. ! (what a cold zombie this is , acting like she is superior , a real puppet for GENUINLY MAMALY

The Arizona State Board of Nursing voted on Thursday to put Aspen University’s nursing program on 10-day notice of potential shutdown over the program’s ongoing struggle to meet basic educational requirements.

The board will be meeting again soon to make a final decision. If their vote stands, those who are close to graduating won’t be able to regardless of how long they have left.

Aspen University nursing students were left in tears. They said have recently seen improvements within the program.

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“They’re trying. That’s the key thing, that they’re trying and they’re trying to allow us to progress and the changes that they have made, while they may seem minimal to them, they are huge to us,” said Racquel Deuschel, a nursing student at the university.

During Thursday’s special meeting, the board grilled Aspen’s administrative staff about the program’s curriculum, clinical hours and nurse licensing exam scores. They say they have noticed a pattern of behavior that is concerning.

“Expecting [students] to have so much self-learning is concerning and not providing them with written exams that are going to be like what they’re going to see,” says Carolyn Jo McCormies, the Arizona State Board of Nursing’s president.

In September of 2022, the university said it would voluntarily surrender its state-issued nursing program approval after teaching out its remaining students.

Now, the teach-out is even at risk as concerns from the state linger over basic education requirements not being met.

“Really not seeing any improvement but the opposite, seeing a decline,” says McCormies.

The university told the board, “It’s going to take time. Although, I firmly believe that our last few cohorts, you are going to see a major difference and it’s because those changes in the curriculum were made earlier on. So, the group who just graduated, they didn’t get to benefit from the full curricula change.”

The state board says more than enough time has been given, resulting in the nursing program being put on a 10-day notice before a possible shutdown.

Military veteran Marcus Watson tells us he only has eight weeks left to graduate.


  1. So McCormies who is use to getting her cut of the deal does not like the fact that ASPEN NURSING COLLEGE is refusing to give it to her.
    Flatbacking Mccormies who wrote exam material for nursing colleges, and has control over Chamberlain College of Nursing in AZ does not like to be told: “NO”. McCormies, Malloch, the brain cells deficient Ridenour shook, ; ranted about having all on-line nursing students have ONLY instructors in the state the students lives in, that includes the THEORY proportion of the course. Common sense states if you are in an on-line college you can’t do CLINICALS on-line, correct, okay but theory is different (you don’t need to be present in that instructors state to do the work on-line) so why not let a student have a WELL EDUCATED INSTRUCTOR from a state other than the SHIT-HOLE AZ where ignorance has bloomed like a covid pandemic. When covid hit all students had to do their courses on-line, (that included ASU ; U of A) that was except clinicals of any type.
    Malloch, QUEER SKIN HEAD Ogrady, ; the BACKDOOR Ho Mccormies want AZ people to think ASPEN UNIVERSITY IS THE BAD GUY, okay SURE.


    1. Only selected universities get part of that 75 million that was in error given to thiefs Malloch, O’Grady, and the other former Pres of the board Kathy Scott , . (ALL PRESIDENTS OF THE BON HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY CORRUPT ! just attend a meeting or two.


    2. Only thing good about the legislature this year is PAUL BOYER is not there ! They are still trying to clean up his busy body input on the prison system . Happy Day is when McCormies is gone , and stay put in your little sick world . Pursley sure did not know how to raise a daughter properly , that is for sure. Must have held the bar of soap when she lied . Or because he is a lawyer she learned it all from him and the hand down masonic ways.


  2. Sen. Shamp the RN TRAMP is getting quite the reply to her cheesy statement:

    “ The accusation of criminal activity brought forth to the Joint Committee last week needs to be referred to the appropriate LE agencies/ authorities and investigated. The AZ Legislature Elections Committees must return to hearing testimony in regards to election integrity.”

    She is another tramp out of AZBN.

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    1. Shamp is a dirty turncoat on nurses ! Just like SELINA BLISS and EVA BURTON , the three stooges . When a nurse is screwed by their bills to please DOh, BON Bd Psych, and hurts a nurses chance at fighting back against a dirty board . They will know who introduced these bills , SELFISH , How do you think Yavapai college stayed out of the crosshairs of the BON ??? Scratching each others back . Bliss had MANY BOARD COMPLAINTS !


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