Nurses in Arizona

seem to be gutless, they won’t fight for their patients and won’t even stand up for themselves . They take your license and just lay down ? Fight back but don’t be fooled by ‘fake fighters’ forming non profits , telling you they will speak for you , don’t write anything unless approved by them , have a person start the group who claims to be against the bd but appears to be in bed with them . Take Maine ,

took away #UnionStrong nurses’ paid parental leave, jury duty leave, military leave, and bereavement leave. But nurses organized, fought back, and won!


5 thoughts on “Nurses in Arizona”

  1. Have you ever watched an African cat go after a herd of other African animals, that One Cat is quite skilled at the TAKE DOWN. One leopard, or One Cheetah sets their sights on ONE, just ONE, and they don’t get side tracked when another animal from the herd zigzags in the path of the target, the Big Cat stays focused on Just that ONE they want to take DOWN. Ridenour YOU are going Down. I know who You Answer to, and You are responsible for the actions of your diseased herd. Emma you are NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Well said . Joke Ridenour should have bailed a long time ago. Her name is mud now, in fact some well known atty’s give a thumbs up on comments about her . Lot ‘s know. Ridenour is counting on Mamaluy to protect her , lie for her , do the nasty dance , which she is well versed in , but too stupid to play her cards in order. Double headed snake these too .


  2. McCorny, you C-*T STOP having your skanky friends from that house of shit contact me & ask if I am returning to AZ!
    NCSBN, your responsible for your staff on payroll.

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