Operating out of scope of practice gets you a LOC (letter of no concern)

this board has no rhyme or reason of back bone at all . Push propofol as a RN and get LOC .

All of the cases where , “we ALWAYS give a DOC operating out of scope ” are not loc , the board set a presidence. DOC was the only violation there was ANY TYPE OF CONSISTENCY , and now that is out the window.

Feel sorry for the nurse , who says , ‘didn’t know I couldn’t ” no the bon members have zero sympathy or even give the effects of their punitive votes a second thought. It was Chelle the atty they like to favor and a couple others. Play there game and you will be able to survive .

Pass the word , this RN got non punitive . loc . one member said , let’s tell her never do it again. how many cases before the bon , if the nurse were given the chance to leave unscathed would ever return if they had the second chance this one got , nothing on the record. No discipline . No responsibility .

6 thoughts on “Operating out of scope of practice gets you a LOC (letter of no concern)”

  1. The more flak you receive, the closer you are to the TARGET.

    The more valuable the position, the more resources a State Agency (AZBN) will expend to defend it.

    The larger the threat, the larger the response.

    Q: What subject do the AZBN actors get MOST defensive about?

    A: Nurses who are whistleblowers that EXPOSE Arizona Hospitals, Medical Organizations & Arizona State Board of Nursing for patients harm & political Corruption.

    What’s up Joey Ridenour?

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    1. Here is how the Arizona Board of Nursing will play out . (apparently she did not have a nursing license , so they went after the kid. ) Keep Exposing ! Danielle Jurinsky, an Aurora city councilwoman, spoke out on a radio program and criticized the city’s chief of police, Vanessa Wilson, back in January of 2022. The next day, police chief Wilson’s lover, a child welfare social worker, made an anonymous call to Child Protective Services (CPS) falsely accusing Danielle Jurinsky of sexually molesting her 2-year-old son. When CPS opened a case against Jurinsky, the social worker who made the anonymous call, Robin Niceta, requested that she be given the case. Her intent was to apparently take permanent custody of Danielle Jurinsky’s two-year-old son. But Danielle Jurinsky was not intimidated, and as she later stated: “You picked a fight with the wrong person!” Jurinsky found out that it was Robin Niceta who made the call, and called her out publicly, which resulted in Niceta resigning from her position. She was later arrested on criminal felony charges, which allowed the local media to report on the story bringing even more pressure to the story. Being in the public spotlight now, other families came forward to report that Robin Niceta had taken similar actions against them. In fact, one of Niceta’s reported MOs was to approach a mother under investigation with sexual advancements, and if the mother resisted, she ended up losing her children. So what at first appeared to be just a political retaliation story soon blew up to a systemic problem within the county child welfare department, and soon a local attorney had over 40 families making complaints in what has now become a class action lawsuit. Jurinsky did not stop there, however. While waiting for the criminal trial to begin, which is scheduled for later this year (2023), she filed a $1 million defamation lawsuit against Niceta, and a few weeks ago a judge ruled in her favor, awarding her $3 million in damages.


  2. Fmr. Houston Methodist Reg. Nurse Jennifer Bridges Exposes the Hospital’s Appalling Behavior

    “I’ve seen text messages, I’ve seen emails where Methodist Hospital threatened their doctors. You cannot sign medical exemptions. You cannot report adverse reactions to these vaccines. And then if you do…there were other people higher up to erase those. Those were not allowed to be on record.”

    From Sen. Ron Johnson’s COVID-19: A Second Opinion Senate Hearing in Jan 2022





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    1. Obedient dutiful McCormies thinks everything is about her, and what a ‘good little girl ‘ she got her vaccine . (some one tells her to do something she is first in line , ) and makes a motion to put marks on an nurses license for comments of their own opinion.


  3. Jokey, U Will be brought to justice!

    “Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.”

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