Here’s a good one , not the first time it happen . Just in case you did not make it to the meeting a short recap. A Rn was on ATD program and wanted to apply for license . Request to get off early . So the BON members after much moron discussion, a group of 5 yr olds could handle better, voted. Then they figured out between their empty skulls and Eliz Campbell watching all the going’s on suppose to be working , but missed it, the investigator finds that there out outstanding reports not in so adjusted the motion . This is where it gets really interesting . Basically the same motion , just added 3 words, 1 board member AL Hark, (lpn first time around voted yes, then on a 2nd vote with hardly ANY CHANGE AT ALL, she voted NO > !! !) NO SHIT ! . Changed her vote on the same motion. This is how much thought goes into their votes! Guess she wanted to vote like Mann .

THESE ARE THE IMBECILES running the BON , and voting on a nurses career! Not paying attention, dumb and dumber , running a board , and worried abut low test scores on new grads ! Looks like the bottom of the barrel , appointed in AZ.

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