cindy mccain to be head of UN food program

wonder if she will do the same bang up job as she did with William (wild bill) Ridenour , dougie so little douche , as part of the committee to research sex trafficking .

Sex trafficking has sky rocketed, since the committee was formed to stop it . good job as usual. Form a committee get a grant to do something , and under perform. how many high priced dinners did the use to ‘discuss’ sex trafficking . what exactly did they do ???

5 thoughts on “cindy mccain to be head of UN food program”

  1. Don’t forget about that SIN DEE McCain’s comment referring to Epstein: “Oh we all knew what he was doing that.”
    I wonder how many time that scabby c-*t Cindy McCain visited Epstein island with that scabbed face Johnny boy who was NOT a hero.
    Imagine all the power and money from Soros, and still wouldn’t help the victims but look at the snatch Paul Petersen Human Trafficking and his best friend Jeff Flake.
    Oh and remember that slime V. Smith she too was on the sex trafficking tasks force. Have you ever looked at her investigative reports and consent agreements: they’re riddled with sexual innuendo. Sick MF’rs .


    1. Some one wrote SIN DEE Mccain should lose her nursing license for knowing full well Epstein was running a sex trafficking ring . Not sue she had one .


  2. Oh sure they were researching sex trafficking! For their self so they all could sit around and watch the videos. I guess they won’t make the Relief Society dinner. What a bunch of satanic predators.

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    1. Remember when Jokey Ridenour took one of Williams sex trafficking articles and posted in the Nurses magazine , and put her name on it . Like she’s concerned about anything other than her money. When she gets home she sits and counts her MONEY, checks her accounts , it ‘s frightening for her to ask Cindy for food.


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