AZ BON is not all in agreement

with Carolyn McCormies jaded ways . Why do these spineless bimbos go along with her ?? What is the matter with someone having an opinion.

Elizabeth Boyer , still struggling , she has to ask McCormies everything, and will second any crazy motion that McNUT JOB Carolyn comes up with . A real follower Boyer . Paul Boyer a joke at the capitol , decided not to run, like he would get reelected, so he could be ordinary . HAHA nope your reputation Boyers sucks ! But she is Bannerific , a ‘shoe in’ .

Looks like Stultz will be just as hard *ss as they come. She got many referrals from the BON. She will do what ever they want . That’s why she’s on the board. Ducey stacked it up for his friend WILLIAM RIDENOUR , so his wife can keep supporting old wild bill. A real gigolo.

5 thoughts on “AZ BON is not all in agreement”

  1. Here why the panty waist Paul Boyer won’t be a GOP senator anymore:
    His bad bud Ducey is placing him as Glendale mayor. It’s on Twitter. Why do satanic freaks like Boyer proclaim to worship Christ when they support pedophiles? He is a radical leftist liberal. Like Ridenour & boy Duche bag doug .

    Paul Boyer for Glendale@PaulDBoyer
    Feb 14
    “Just as the city of Glendale was in the midst of its Super Bowl festivities, an announcement came in that is poised to shake up the upcoming Glendale Mayor’s race, former State Senator Paul Boyer will be running to be the next Mayor of Glendale…”


    1. SAD ! So he’s a liar too . “not running just want to be an average person ” like who the h*ll do you think you are boyer ??? Really someone special ? Surely Banner is telling all employees to vote for the mission creep . He looks like he came from the same sperm bank as Paul Petersen .


    2. Weiers, who has been Glendale’s mayor since 2012, released a statement regarding Boyer’s candidacy.

      “For as long as I can remember, Glendale voters have had choices when it comes to voting for mayor, and I think that’s a healthy thing. But Glendale voters certainly deserve better than Paul Boyer’s already negative and personal campaign.
      Boyer said he ‘discussed it with his wife ” LAUGHABLE !!!! She is so STUPID , she goes which ever way the wind blows . McCormies loves telling her what to do and what to think , she always votes like punitive bitch carolyn mccornie !!!


    3. as if AZ can’t get weirder , Selina Bliss sponsored a bill to require children to learn gun safety . Kids will only remember the gun fun class and the weapons and not remember the important things. ANd the real kicker she thinks because she is a female and a nurse it will pass . NO dumb Dumb Selina , it will pass because of other R’s like you . Leave the children alone ! notice not one bill for nurses but she runs her mouth about being one 36 years (correcting papers and being nasty to students who reported her to the BON ! ) .


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