Glendale deserves better than the clown running against him . Just imagine if what happened in Palm Springs , Sonny Bono dying the spouse took over. ! boyer ever won and his dumber than a post wife take over. WHOLLY SH*T . She is the one of the most stupid people on the BON , she is struggling, not even improving , at ALL ! Can’t make a motion , lies about reading the cases, and has to be told what the think. Really if there is a poster child for dumb blonds she is it !!! ELizabeth Boyer , good thing she is not doing direct patient care . Just like paul the pitiful got in senate , Elizabeth got on the board . Go to a board meeting and listen how she inflicts that ‘little old lady ‘ into her voice trying to act like a grown up . She has never said anything that someone else didn’t say first , has no thought process at all .

The only way paul who takes care of MALE OCCUPATIONS ONLY could win is if ducey buddy buys his way in. Boyer: decided to get out of politics , so i’m running for mayor . (LOL !!! ) . GO JERRY !!

2 thoughts on “JERRY WEIERS FOR MAYOR !”

  1. “Selina Bliss sponsored a bill to require children to learn gun safety.”

    WTF….seriously, shouldn’t dumb dumb Bliss be focused on patients safety instead on licking up to Ridenour and her QUEER friends like Busby.

    What a FUCKING STUPID BILL, but only stupidity comes out of stupid people. Bliss you are stupid.


    1. RIGHT ! Bliss is trying to get a bill passed that her whacked cohort in prescott sponsored last year and it failed. Ngugen , who’ s wife is s nurse . neither one of these two have introduced one bill for nurses . Bliss pres azna the devils who sleep with Jokey and bushy . Between Bliss, Ngugen , (WIN) Bennett and Fann ) a real mess. ALmost cleaned them out , with Bliss ‘s brash boneheaded ways surely a one term if she lasts that . She is struggling !


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