About 400 Arizona students who are completing their nursing degrees at Aspen University may not be able to graduate this year as planned.

After an emotional meeting that lasted nearly three hours, the Arizona State Board of Nursing voted to give 10 days notice of an intent to immediately shut Aspen University’s nursing program down.

Several students wept as board members cast their votes. If the vote is finalized, students who were set to graduate from Aspen with nursing degrees this year, some of them in just eight weeks, will no longer have that option.

(hate to tell these students , this is a dodge the bullet , because the AZ BON is full of more tears , heartache, destroyed lives and families but a dirty BON who could care less about human suffering. ) And “bethy ‘ bimbo Campbell the aag who they can’t seem to shake , will be there to point at you and laugh at you for being human. Something she is far removed from , and has no human dignity for others who are acting normal to an ABNORMAL BON !


  1. I wonder if ASPEN UNIVERSITY applied for some of the money Ducey gave Ridenour and that’s why they are going after ASPEN UNIVERSITY.


    1. aspen certainly would have qualified to receive money, that was granted for the intended purpose of increasing test scores , and bringing students up to new grad level . OF course no clinicals during covid no wonder this is what you get , by all schools. Which goes to show you schools do not teach nothing useful . Care plans PLEASE ! It is the hands on , real time, that counts . McCormies is going off again on her BS about ‘protect the public’ her reason for acting now and fast , and the timing so Sure seems you hit the head of the nail here ! . Other BON expressed waiting for semester end , so they can grad , take refresher , but harded nasty could care less about anyone , is insisting . Let those students know what the BON is all about . It is the BON NOT ASPEN !


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