MAMALUY is a liar and very hooked up with WTH is he doing now Tom Horne

Tom Horne was EMMA (the liar) MAMALUY boss , he was az ag , if you can believe that ! , He was being followed and investigated by the FBI, (just like mamaluy ) Tommy lover boy married has his part time lover with him . As luck would have it , he hit a car , a hit and run. Must have been instinct deny everything , but when the FBI are the witnesses against you, better come up with a better game plan . Of course the cheater didn’t want his wife,” til death do we part “, to know about his side POA, but hey when you AG , you do things by the book. (hahaha)

So now Tommy got a job as Ed dept , how the hell he pulled that off , against ‘little bo peep #1 mama, still has people scratching their heads. Horne recently put up a hotline , to report teachers who are teaching about homosexuals , and not teaching what they are suppose to (according to Tom Horne) from the chapter , “how to do and hit and run and not let the FBI see it” . Surprised that Mamaluy doesn’t have a hot line to report every nurse med error/ call in sick/ wear wrong color scrubs / show up late/ swore at work/ hand their hands in their pockets in the med room/ working under another nurses license they cannot find / quit their job/ got fired/ broke a travel contract / called Joke Ridenour a bitch / posted their opinion on social media / Oh wait there is a hotline to report nurses in AZ call 1-800-EAT-SHIT

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