JANAE SHAMP at it again

wow , if she can get elected anyone can . Now she sponsors a bill that schools be notified if parents or guardian had sex offender on their record. (in az if you piss outside you are on the sex offender registry ) . there are way different levels and those with worst are in prison. SO all you have to do is tell Janae that a bill needs to be introduced and there she goes off into lala land . She should be cited on her nursing license for stupidity. ANd for being biased . But she is working for the BON as is SELINA BLISS, EVA BURTON indirectly of course.

Why isn’t nnaa getting the bff to write bills against the BON . CAUSE THEY LIE ABOUT THEIR MISSION!!! wake up those who got sucked in . They ask questions so you will talk and tell them things and handcuffed you from writing the TRUTH !

“””Republican Sen. Janae Shamp, of Surprise, said during a House Judiciary Committee meeting March 8 that the idea for her Senate Bill 1253 was brought to her by someone in her district who was molested as a child and then saw her abuser on campus when she was going to check out a school for her own child. “””

Restraining orders not available ??? You introduce this bill so the kids of those accused will be bullied. Inciting violence. With stupid nurses like this introducing bills why is az bon going after aspen for low test scores . the AZ BON gave these morons licenses .

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