Marla Moore a typical YUMAN , was at the board of nazi nurses board long time ago. Her name is back on the list. SO what was her position for years , since she has gotten a paycheck all along ! Hired as a consultant LOL !!! right! From a one horse town , corrupted as the BON. Paychecks going out joke ridenour using taxpayers money to pay for who ever she wants and whether or not they are working for the board the state of az . MARLA MOORE , don’t pretend to be that holy roller if your at the board of nursing we know better !


  1. So many requests to post for others. That’s ok they suspected all along the AZBN is dirty , lying, bag of wind women . Just advised that Jokey Ridenour should not answer the door but ask who it is ?, FBI , IRS, DOJ just tell them to call Emma The liar , she will handle it . IF they have a search warrant , just waddle into the bedroom where she is sleeping so she can start her lying while they are searching. p s The “ring ‘ won’t help at all. Ducey phone is international by now. hope you got some Irish blood .


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