AZ BON congratulating SHAMP on her LEADERSHIP !! WHAT A JOKE !!!

yes the obedient dutiful nurses who are at the capitol will suck up and do anything . Guess we won’t be seeing SHAMPS name in the bon files anytime soon. She earned her free pass .


One thought on “AZ BON congratulating SHAMP on her LEADERSHIP !! WHAT A JOKE !!!”

  1. If she’s worked the field then she knows, as do many Az. nurses, how messed up AZBN really is. Az scores very low on national scholastica at many levels. Doucy’s adm took the fall but remained limp for teachers. There are 100s and 100s open nurses billets in Az. Az is the lowest average of nurses working nationally. The only positives are the foolish politics of pregnant AAGs chasing recon around AZBN mtg is now well known. Major nursing programs are turning in agencies like AZBN via curriculums defining workplace violence against nurses. The nurses have left.


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