Nurse pleads headed to prison

How is this case any different than what Joke Ridenour and her criminal partner EMMA MAMALUY doing . Providing a ride to some , and taking away others freedom to work in their field . ? AZBN should be KICKBACK’s GALORE

Former Bureau of Prisons Nurse Pleads
Guilty to Contraband Smuggling and Bribery Conspiracy
MIAMI – Miami-Dade resident Ruben Montanez-Mirabal, 33, has pled guilty in
federal district court to conspiring to commit bribery, conspiring to provide
contraband in a federal prison, and providing contraband in a federal prison.
According to the two-count information and facts admitted at the change of plea
hearing, from around November 2021 through late August 2022, Ruben Montanez-
Mirabal, who was a registered nurse working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons
(“BOP”) at the Federal Detention Center – Miami (“FDC-Miami”) in downtown
Miami, solicited and obtained illegal payments from FDC-Miami inmates in
exchange for bringing in and delivering to them prohibited objects, including
controlled substances that had been soaked into sheets of paper. In exchange for
violating his official duties by providing these drug-soaked papers and other
prohibited items, Montanez-Mirabal accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from
these inmates and their associates. Along with these payments, Montanez-Mirabal
also solicited and received other things of value from inmates, including the free
use of a Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce.
Montanez-Mirabal would bring these prohibited items into FDC-Miami and then
either deliver them directly to the inmates or hide them in places where the inmate
paying him would be able to recover the contraband. Those inmates would then re-
sell the pages to other inmates at a rate of $1,500 per page. As admitted at the
change of plea, Montanez-Mirabal made a number of these deliveries for inmates,
including one delivery where he was observed hiding thirty-seven drug-soaked
pages underneath a shelving unit in a mop closet accessible to the inmate paying
him. Investigators were able to recover these pages from the closet and laboratorytesting revealed that the pages were laced with a synthetic cannabinoid-controlled
substance and had the defendant’s fingerprints on them.
Montanez-Mirabal also admitted that during the charged conduct, he was aware
that inmates were reselling the pages for $1,500 each, and that he delivered
between 100 and 140 such pages to inmates inside FDC-Miami in exchange for the
bribes he received.
United States District Judge Jose E. Martinez will sentence Montanez-Mirabal in
Miami on May 16, at 11:30 a.m. Montanez-Mirabal faces up to 15 years in prison.
U.S. Attorney Markenzy Lapointe for the Southern District of Florida, acting
Special Agent in Charge Maged Behnam of the FBI Miami Field Office, and Special
Agent in Charge James Boyersmith, Department of Justice Office of Inspector
General, Miami Field Office, announced the guilty plea.

5 thoughts on “Nurse pleads headed to prison”

  1. I just love how the boy thought he was so bright and was caught ON CAMERA & with his FINGER PRINTS on the drug laced paper. What a dummy all the way around , he looks like he be a linkage of slimy Hurtado.

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    1. He might just be the scrape goat of the guards. Which is what Trina Smith, Hurtado Becky Melton , Naira Kutnerian , Susan Zimmerman , Gari Caroll, Lynette Drafton , Shannon Bitza (who’s BS statement of the week is EVIDENCE BASED REGULATION”} all the above have done , willing to do the dirty dance for the agency , all orchestrated by EMMA MAMALUY . They will wish they told her NO I AM NOT DOING THAT , YOU DO IT !!!


    2. That is the difference between punk amateur corrupt atty elizabeth campbell, and Monique K Coady . _ she caught a lot of mistakes by Campbell . Makes me think she was sent to the bon to check things out . If ridenour was smart she wouldn’t allow campbell stink back in the door. , but ridenour is not smart, and she likes dirty players like herself so we’ll see . In hospitals enough complaints on a person they put someone on them to watch them . Can’t change the record the number of mistakes, how many nurses have to wrong law , and ars cited . ?


  2. Remember dorothy igwa case, a nursing instructor. mcorney they dum dum at the bd, said she was following policy , WTH does that have to do with npa violation. Another idiot boyer said she didn’t know what the policy was . (omg too funny ! how can you follow a policy if you haven’t a clue what it was !) / Then emma had a talk with corney dummy , and now she says it doesn’t matter . Sorry sack on the bon, still shoots from the hip . clowns running the pour victim nurses lives !


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