Amazing how insecure Joke Ridenour is !

First she miss manages an agency, she makes many mistakes , refuses to be honest and admit her mistakes . Then goes to great lengths to spread lies and rumors to get others against the victimized nurses . This only proves that JOKE ELIZABETH RIDENOUR is not mature enough to handle any office or herself. Jokey is OUT OF CONTROL . Crazy to the max. Jokey’s ‘get even” is really lunatic . She already did enough . Innocent people do not go public telling their side , they do not stop until justice is served .

Imagine . Ducey, Mark Kelly , K. Mayes, going to the lengths to ‘get even’ with those who have been wronged by him or her and let him know what an A HOLE he is . . NO they take a dir position and know they aren’t going to be liked by all . But immature , persecution complex , is creating an enviroment that is hostile. She is so worried that she will get booted off her thrown . She got emma mamaluy lying through her teeth .

Operating the nursing agency like the mormon cult. Once you disagree with their believes you are trampled by all. IT is illegal , and lots of proof she is doing this . And those who chime in, YOU are just as guilty . What kind of a slum nursing board agency . Jokey you are leaving a loser a big loser face it you got caught . !

7 thoughts on “Amazing how insecure Joke Ridenour is !”

  1. 1. Mismanagement: finances over years and mismanaged staff is a lack of leadership skills.
    2. Accountability: failure to accept responsibility for mistakes made at a State/Gov. agency is a lack of moral character.
    3. Ethical deception: lying and starts rumors against those who challenge her ability to function at state & government regulator agency minimum standards are all violations.
    Hilarious, LOL LOL LOL…….and the worst of it is she has other government officials who are covering for her like Skank ass shamp the tramp and blitzed style Bliss. LOL LOL LOL


  2. ~!~
    I wonder who could slurp the most liquor or licker the most slurped-Busby or mccornies?
    Let have a contest for liquor slurper and slurping lickers. Ready set GO…………….


  3. Brown bagging lunchables, liquified at that.
    Hey, liquified lunches could be the reason behind the massive mistakes with the finances, hmmmmm, well just a thought but then only two would raise eyebrows and that would be ridiculous Ridenour and corny mccormies.


    1. IF the person (busby) is doing dirty work and anything they want they will over look it. Anyone else , they will make headlines over it. disgusting how McCormies leads with her comments how she wants cases to go , and the rest of the dummies on the bd do it . IT is also funny how Carolyn (jaded ) McCormies will call on others , and then just disagree until they see the most punitive action happen !


    2. mccormies is very unpopular with the one who are not part of the cult click and in Sanford they think they are the top dogs, when hated by most. McCormies would have been fired long ago , if not run by byu


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