The assignments -staff travel- what you have to know the testing every time, the disrespect then this is what is handed to the nurses !

just did my interview for the 2 units. I was told ratios of 1:5-7 depending on day and nights and you titrate drips including nitro, labetolol, cardizem, and insulin, amino running .

And it’s team nursing with up to 9?

Such high acuity on regular med surg floors !

Getting out big mistake getting into this circus . A death trap for patients and a prison sentence awaits any nurse who mess’s up . And the board of nursing is protecting crna’s , who have ONE patient , professors who have NONE, nurses get hired at the bon to recommend harsh punishment for nurses . Every one of those who think they can judge others need to run the floors once a week . Jokey hasn’t been a nurse ever , dictator don , dir , and hasn’t a clue wth to do relies on staff , that are incompetent .

Union hospital’s rock !

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