Kathryn Busby lawyer misfit

Busby was on the AZ BON for 8 years ALL 8 yrs after being cited by the AZ BAR ! A nurse cannot be on the BON if they have sanctions but a lawyer can (and one w/o a nursing degree of any kind) . yea yea public member but she is obviously not credible . A payback . The kind Jokey Ridenour loves.

This is also the misfit selina bliss is a puppet for .

Was a ethics evaluation done on busby? uh no , but they order them on others . Added bonus who can find the # of dui’s too.

Attorney Kathryn Busby of Phoenix; ethical misfit

The state of Arizona provided Kathryn L. Busby with a law license in 1982 after she graduated from Arizona State University Law School.

The Arizona State Bar found Kathy guilty of the following misconduct.

In one matter, Kathy became a frequent customer of a Phoenix restaurant and later socialized with the owner and then provided him with legal and business advice. Shortly thereafter, Kathy filed a dissolution action on behalf of the owner and when he remarried; his new wife helped managing several restaurants.

Kathy received a 1% ownership interest in the restaurants as payment for her legal work. However, she failed to make the client aware of any of the legal ramifications of a business transaction with a client. The terms of the business transaction were also not fully disclosed in writing as required by the Ethics Rules, a fact well known to Kathy.

Several years later, Kathy drafted a will for the restaurant owner and his wife, but failed to failed to obtain their informed consent in writing for the joint representation.

As a consequence of her misconduct, the cheerleaders of Attorney Misfits sitting on the Arizona Supreme Court punished Kathy by gifting her with a complimentary admonition.

As we speak (ca. July 2015), Kathy practices at 2601 East Edgemont in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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