Listed is the most money hungry greedy group in the state of AZ.

A panel for how money is spent , we’re talking 75 million. WTH is JOKEY doing on this panel ? ruins everything she is in charge of ! And McCormies , we’ll $$$$$$ , is her thing. get as much $$$$$$$$$$$$$for the school she is at BYU bring em young ! And another board member that ducey snuck in Schultz and hard core mama. Then look at the titles of the ‘selected’ hospitals and schools. Like WTF is a NP exe . STFU ! , stop with the titles , all morons who don’t want to ever go in a patients room . Thanks for the list , wouldn’t trust one of them. Oh and pretty man is not a typo. You heard of Save the schools, well in AZ we need —————– Save the patients ! !!!

Heidi SanbornArizona Nurses Association
Vicki BuchdaArizona Hospital Association
Jeff BarrettArizona Health Care Association (LTC)
Tomi St. MarsAHCCCS – DHS
Britteny KaufmannHealth System Alliance of Arizona
Joey RidenourArizona State Board of Nursing
Carolyn McCormiesArizona State Board of Nursing
Kathy Kenny (ASU)Arizona Nursing Deans and Directors
Margi Schultz (Maricopa CC)Arizona Nursing Deans and Directors
Julie Bowman (Abrazo)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
Robin Shepard (Dignity)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
Nancy Zismann (Banner)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
Rhonda Thompson (Phx Childrens)Nurse Practice Executives/CNEs
TBDGovernor’s Office Liaison (Health Policy Advisor for the Governor)
Allen Prettyman (UA)Advanced Practice Nursing
Biji AnilkumarPreceptor and Practicing RN

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