Between JANAE SHAMP, EVA BURTON, SELINA BLISS , the puppets of Jokey Ridenour, they will dance to her tune, do what she wants , Jokey pulls the strings with emma mamaluy whispering in her ear what to tell the ‘puppets’ to do . At the Capitol, they do what ever KATHY BUSBY tells them to do . They will even go and tell their chair the message Busby told them to say. Sheep. Baaaaaa . OBEDIENT , they know the Kartel Kreeps Keeper king pin Jokey Ridenour , will get the green stuff rolling their way . Go ahead puppets , do what a good nurse would say is UNTHINKABLE! They know how many nurses were treated so badly by a corrupt board , they know and did nothing then for real nurses.

Turncoats R US , part of the clique who will go against another nurse . Whores of the board of nursing . Soul sellers . No moral compass , NONE of them . Dirt bag politicians . The only ones they can be with are those with like minds in azna . Beware REAL nurses, those who Jokey congratulates on sponsoring a bill in the AZ Nurse magazine , is a dirty nurse . Oh yes, in JOKE’s eyes , ‘if your a good girl , you’ll get a cookie ” good girls do what the DICtator wants from you , she knows how to play dirty politics ,Busby too .

One thought on “NAUGHTY NURSES”

  1. Nurses testifying against other nurses defines Nurses of today that was sooo rare years ago. Lying on the witness stand is common in Phoenix Adm Law Court The word bias is false the accurate description is criminal acts of many to many nurses. They do not follow state 32 codes….


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