Where is miss incompetent now

posting for another former nurse , still scratching their head how messed up az bd is . this man edward ray quarles had a situation, with a girl friend years later him and his room mate threw punches. An atty said you will lost your license, go work . He did for 3-4 years , contacted another nurse ‘does the bon lose the paper work’ . ? (no , they are just UNORGANIZED and are not interested in protect public they were just focusing on others. His investigator Kathleen Harrington, looks like she cut lose too . Edward actually wanted out of nursing, so ,much petty bs, went to truck drivers school and finally called them . With others they attack fast and swift like a snake tongue in and out. This is Eliz Campbell’s idea of surprise attack . Did it to a RN from VA , she better get on those knees and hope the hell confession will allow her in . shameful bitch that she is . Campbell wants to be at the bon , and not have to do anything , just spread rumors with the immature girls . Really SUCKING UP MAJOR , big time. Shows you how insecure and stupid she is , she can fool the ones at the bon the medical board thru her butt out . (oh and she wants EM job ) . don’t tell anyone , only Carrie knows.

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