Randy Quinn sited at an anesthesia gathering .

“appeared to be staggering ! Those who attended and really hate that “know it all blabber mouth”. yes on 3/15 a meeting of the protected nurses in az , had a gathering . If they weren’t swapping wives they were flirting with the new hires who haven’t a clue ! yup these terminal virgins , didn’t get to shop around, ‘try on the shoe ‘ see if it’s a fit before taking that vow, so now in their mid life they want what they missed out on. Twisting truth and interpretation to say , as long as both are married it ‘s ok . The woman are not satisfied so they go along with it , unknowing that mormon males are the absolute worst in bed . Just a quicky to get themselves off and hopefully the sperm will get the female pregnant , that is their purpose. Of course those ‘special underwear’ is like wearing a condom . quinn only has anyone talking to him , just in case the others have a license complaint . A lip reader could see quinn mouthing, yea my wife is a nurse too but she’s just a floor nurse , banner put her in er and she’s struggling , I try to help her when things get over her head .

13 thoughts on “Randy Quinn sited at an anesthesia gathering .”

  1. I read a number of comments from many post on this site. The one that concerns me the most is the one regarding the post about the person who had their license revoked .
    There are serious federal consequences over situations like this and Emma Mamaluy should be disbarred and should have to pay restitution to the ex-nurse. This is completely unethical.


  2. Cease to do evil, and ask the Father for Help.
    We all carry burdens—some resulting from our own sins and mistakes, some caused by the choices of others, and some that are nobody’s fault but are simply part of life on earth. Regardless of the reasons for our struggles, Jesus pleads with us to come unto Him so He can help us bear our burdens and find relief.


    1. Just a question to you all out there is computer land. Anyone go to a board approved psych named ANDREA WADDEL- PRATT ?? You can see her picture on her ad. Just don’t think I can talk to someone about such personal matters and look her in the eye when she has a hair do like a brillo pad.


    2. The nursing agency writes things like so and so vs azbon, and when they lose in appeal make sure to make it headlines. But when a RN get awarded atty fees, not a peep. congrats to Deanna lea Wright, ap7792 for sticking up for everyone when you do this. The AZ BON members and staff are not that bright, just crooked , and have way too much money to waste to prove their existence . So kudos to you , of course they will fight using taxpayers money as long as they can out buy justice . dog s all of them .


  3. In essence, the Savior is beckoning us to rely upon and pull together with Him, even though our best efforts are not equal to and cannot be compared with His. As we trust in and pull our load with Him during the journey of mortality, truly His yoke is easy and His burden is light.


    1. randy quinn needs a LOT of prayers , he cannot go downtown and not look over his shoulder . remember the nurse who nailed him with a shoe ? just a nasty weird creep sh*t show all in one be turd.


      1. Can’t let the ‘little girls ‘ make more than a male, got the keep them in line pass bills when they heard they were getting disaster pay. (To crack down on price gouging, proposed legislation in Missouri calls for allowing felony charges against healthcare staffing agencies that substantially raise their prices during a declared emergency.

        A New York bill includes a capopens in a new tab or window on the amount staffing agencies can charge healthcare facilities. And a Texas measure would allow civil penaltiesopens in a new tab or window against such agencies.

        These proposed regulations — and others in at least 11 more states, according to the American Staffing Association industry trade group — come after demand for travel nurses, who work temporary assignments at different facilities, surged to unprecedented levels during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.)
        just more reason for someone to never consider nursing , (don’t hold your breath watching for disaster relief money for nurses, just quit stay home , let them mandate those like joke ridenour to go and work , then she would realize the hard work these nurses do that she is further damaging them , ) !!


    2. AZ has the worst Dir of agencies , look at tom horne , a real mess like jokey . Heard about horne’s hostile hotline to report teachers . ? The legislature is full of bills and discussions for drag queens but nothing on K-12 solutions. The hotline was so jammed up by compliments on the teachers they had to set up a second one it is 1-800-eat-shit . Hotline is a lot like anyone filing an anonymous report on nurses, and everyone has their arms up in protest. Attack the women , nurses teachers AZ way .


  4. 8newsnow.com/news/local-news/las-vegas-health-care-executive-indicted-for-fixing-wages-of-nurses

    Las Vegas health care executive indicted for fixing wages of nurses.

    They did the same wage fixing in AZ But in AZ scummy brain dead McCain and his corrupt drug abusing whore of a wife were Soros friends, & Ridenour is in the whore clique SO no one gets arrested for crimes in AZ.
    The keating 5 remember, and so does Soros, he spotted McCain for the the severe borderline he was and used him good.


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