AZBON inconsistent and unfair !

Remembered a neighbor who had Krista M Sauter for a nurse , he had male surgery , no catheter , she pushed on his bladder , sat on his leg, forced an over sized catheter . he complained she went to his room after shut the door locked it , icu, he repeated did not want her for a nurse. Dr Daly said he may be impotent. her defense , no npa violation ! he was difficult from pacu aloc not speaking voided on self, Dr requested foley (no order?) and she had a ‘witness ‘ present . obvious at bon meeting they wanted to dismiss did everything to speak positive . talked of her work reviews. . then queer randy motion to dismiss evidence (even though another sx was needed) not strong , no witness, for him and anesthesia was on board. ”

How stupid quinn, measure the evidence , like he knows anything about real evidence , all bon members know they can screw a nurse over with hearsay .

oh and u of a still kept her on staff,and ‘they did their own investigation” since when does the BON allow the hospital investigation to be any evidence at all ?? (oh yes, just when the hospital is retaliating against the nurse that’s when !!

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