You are so right on about many things . The schools we teach at have told us never say a bad word about the board of nursing.

We would like to be honest we have taken students to the meetings and saw some really bad decisions . Then looked up back grounds , educated idiots with zero common sense . Seems like TWO people were making all the decisions , one was the ‘atty’ for the board who once said she is only for the bon, (?) and the one they put on as the ‘pres’ who talks endlessly about absolutely NOTHING , and twists everything back on others. We call this one manipulative . !

Can’t tell students to read your site but it is the ONLY thing that makes sense !

15 thoughts on “AZBN VICTIMS !”

  1. Joey Ridenour you are the single most damaging and destructive reason for the downfall of the nursing profession. Below is YOU Ridenour.
    About Joey Ridenour:
    “Current Co-Chair of the Nurse Licensure Compact Rules Committee 2017-Present, Past Member at Large of Nurse Licensure Compact Executive Committee; Past President of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing 1998-2002; past Chair of the Nurse Licensure Compact Executive Committee 2009-2013: Past Chair of NCSBN Commitment to Nursing Excellence (CORE) 2007-2013; Arizona State University, College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovations Council 2013-2017; Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association, Member Healthcare Institute 2007-2009; National Board of Directors, Nurse Family Partnerships 2004-
    2008; recipient ASU College of Nursing Deliver Award 2011; recipient Nurse Week Diane Cooper Lifetime Achievement Award 2008; recipient University of Arizona “Wildcat for Life Public Service Award 2008;
    March of Dimes Leadership Nurse of Year 2008; American Academy of Nursing Fellow Induction 2007; recipient Maricopa Health Foundation Joey Ridenour Nursing Excellence Award 2007; recipient National Council State Boards of Nursing, R. Louise McManus Award; ASU College of Nursing Distinquished Achievement Award 1998;
    Learning Experience Executive Director Arizona State Board of Nursing”.

    All of this is off your RESUME Ridenour.

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    1. ‘At large committee , can see that ; ncsbn have since heard too much bad stuff about her , not on the favorite list at all , and it was for which state has the most punitive charges against nurses award; ASU, the one her spouse was on the regents board ? and the pres of asu is bestie with ducey? ; hospital association that got sued for wrong doings , oh yes we can believe that !!: What they hell does Jokey Ridenour know about FNP ???; “wildcat ” well yea she is pretty wild old hoe for sure ; march of dimes means NOTHING !! they just keep taking turns giving this award to each other Logue , Quinn, got it a NOTHING award and one never to donate a DIME to ! ; distinquished , HAHAHA , if you want to call a criminal distinquished ! R Louise is rolling over in her grave ! ; “learning exp ” yea she learned how to get as much money as possible and redirect it to her account , with a couple of off shore accts, and via others . forgot one , “biggest rip off in the state of Arizona ” lifetime award to stay in Perryville Prison . throw away the key !


    2. She must have paid for these awards , so sad and a big slap in the face to nurses who work long hours, and truly love taking care of patients and have the knowledge to do the job .


  2. The more flak you receive, the closer you are to the TARGET.
    The more valuable the position, the more resources a State Agency (AZBN) will expend to defend it.
    The larger the threat, the larger the response.
    Q: What subjects do the AZBN actors get MOST defensive about?
    A: Nurses who are whistleblowers that EXPOSE Arizona Hospitals, Medical Organizations & Arizona State Board of Nursing for patients harm & political Corruption.
    What’s up Joey Ridenour?


    1. Joke Ridenour and her cohorts in crime using their positions to retaliate against good nurses . ? and those who have not been tangled up with the dirty dames wont believe a word of it . Closed minded , simple simon’s !


    2. Ladonda Vaught is going back to Tenn bon for abuse of discretion . looking at rehearing . If you saw the first board meeting , the bon members in Tenn were about as bright as the ones in AZ. Looked like harassing , bombarding her with questions, same questions . putting on the same dong and pony show they do in az . Nothing to the complaint and make big deal over nothing . hammer away at details that mean nothing . Regulatory boards especially AZ are being looked at . and rightly so !


    Oh and let me guess Ridenour and her minions while tell all Aspen students there is no sites to complete clinicals
    Me be watching U Ridenour.

    Phoenix-based nonprofit Banner Health hired
    Cecilia Guardiola, a registered nurse, as corporate director of clinical documentation in fall 2012.


    1. Joke the dir of the board of nursing is so pathetic ! .
      Aspen Filed BON mamaluy stuck her tail between her legs and whimpered off , wrote up an agreement but only if you drop the law suit , “cause I can’t handle this kind of pressure ” . “we just wanted the state to know we protect the public ! ” the same silly lying slogan on every police car that every knows is bull sh*t .


    1. Why was LISA SMITH and MARGIE SHULTZ able to recuse themselves at Fri’s meeting but did not last month when they voted on ASPEN COLLEGE !!!???????????????? Cause they are both stupid and think they can get away with it ! They did not see CONFLICT OF INTEREST ??????? and neither did the nut job who is CHIEF Bull *hitter for the BON !?????? Mamaluy is not paying attention to anything, she’s just trying to take care of friends and fk over the rest. kick back sally lue . And McCormies isn’t paying attention either . looks like pathetic looking sad eyes hasn’t slept well in awhile! Oh the games people play and get caught !!!!


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