Chl 3 had Carolyn McCormies on there , wholly crap is she UGLY !

Looked really beat up , lying does get to her , especially on tv .

OK folks , ASPEN Files lawsuit and puts a Retraining order on the BON, and guess what the BON ‘decided ” to do something different .

Come on oh heartless witch McCormies you were so ready to cut the program keep these students from graduating . the dirty bitch that you are you take pleasure.

after the meeting students crying , they would have to start over somewhere else all because of CAROLYN MCCORMIES the ASS hole of the state !

Of course the bon required law suit dropped, and retraint order. (YEA ASPEN pin those hoes down) !! EMMA MAMALUY likes to start fires and then show stupid JOKEY how she ‘helps her out’. Impressive ??? watching a coward who isn’t a pimple on an atty’s ass cry for mommie help me . Mamaluy is a trouble maker , and back down when a real atty stand up to her dumb big arce !

4 thoughts on “Chl 3 had Carolyn McCormies on there , wholly crap is she UGLY !”

  1. Well the only place for most students to start over is at one of the community colleges or universities in AZ, and still NOT all the credits the students completed at Aspen University will transfer so they will have to redo some courses.
    Jokey you need to be taken down COMMANDO STYLE.

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    1. Hi are you a nurse ? Sure seems like something not right with the entire nursing agency ! Something is wrong seriously wrong. Students like myself sat on the phone line waiting a praying for an answer . none of us could hear what was said before that , the sound system or something is wrong 2023 and can’t get it right . SHAME ON THAT DIRECTOR !! We agree ! not sure what cammando means but OK !!


    2. Remember ole Maggie Shultz , who was so bubbly telling the audience her friends called how’s you first board meeting going . When Shultz said “I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN” (a nasty comment to make in front of those before the bon about their careers ! only 2 months later , Shultz is named as a defendant in a law suit . How much FUN are you having now ??
      Shultz should never have been put on a bon when she was getting all the nurses in her dept at her school for skills evaluations. CONFLICT ! Recuse yourself now before the next law suit , inappropriate one !


    3. Beware of calling Michael Goldberg as an atty to represent you . 1) you call he will listen about 30 secs make excuse call you right back . why ? 2) he calls emma mamaluy and asks about the case , she lies her head off (again yes ! she is a LIAR) and steers him clear. 3) he will call back , not so chipper this time, and makes up some excuse. Sara Stark is the same thing . Between Michael , Sara , and Emma back door deals , it doesn’t matter if you did anything wrong , made a med error , dui what ever it is or isn’t they will either send you down the road of no return or they will give you special treatment and a slap on the wrist . Oh and Eliz Campbell (gone and good riddance !! ) likes to cozy up to “mike ” . ALways wanting to know , “will you be at the bd meeting ‘ she always has to know . Goldberg needs to separate from Mamaluy , (just a forewarning ) . Look to the near future !!


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