Nurses Before the AZ BON

Is every nurse before the bon , telling tall tales ? confused to events ? when a string of nurses before the bon come forward and say ‘lots of errors in the investigative report ” . Why is that ? Are the investigators writing lies on purpose ? If nurses are the most trusted profession , why can’t you trust another nurse that they are telling the truth .

Only a liar would think they are lying , mistrusting devious as they are .

One nurse being accused but for years , telling them the investigative report is a work of fiction, fraud , you got to think hey who’s telling them to beef it up with blatant lies ?

2 thoughts on “Nurses Before the AZ BON”

  1. Ridenour has a bill writing course on NCSBN that requires special membership to access. That membership is for state lic boards only. Although the tyrant Ridenour never uses any statutes as the bd denies the existence of any laws and does whatever it wishes. Lying is routine and the entire country is aware of their BS.


  2. Lisa Wynn of past horrors with allowing unvetted physicians with horrible records to work in Az
    Not ten yrs ago she set the precedent for lying about investigations and got her wicked fat ass fired. Some of those quacks and liars she let in place are still around and nurse whistleblowers get killed still.. Rumor was that she is afflicted with addiction.of oxys. Some of these bodies carrying around an entertainment ctr for a head is unreal. So many of these adm types in personal view look like they love fat. And that is all they love.


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