AZ BON is one of the worst and most damaging boards in the entire country. Hopefully those who choose this profession will see the hand writing on the wall before they go for the predatory stance they have taken on others.

The Nursing agency is full of misfits and dirty players . Before you end up with a kaofkarsque nightmare , read .

The only way to present these horrid creatures from attacking is to never get a license in AZ . Send in your questions , you will get honest answers. The AZ BON members that are new haven’t a clue. But seems they are willing to learn the sleeze ball tricks of the trade.

Only a couple of lawyers can be recommended . sad . Forewarned ! Something your azna would never do . They just bad mouth anyone who speaks up . And how do they get rewarded? They keep their license but do not do any real nursing , just mouth pieces pretending.

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