Anyone hear this nut job babbling on , “AZNA protects nurses ” and AZBON “protects the public “.
Oh yes JOKE is a from another planet for sure . When asked and she will have to answer , “Exactly what nurse did the AZNA protect ????” Jokey gets on the phone and calls mamaluy “take care of this emma ” .

Dumb and Dumber .

4 thoughts on “JOKEY RIDENOUR”

  1. What kind a a person uses the nursing agency job and her position to attack good nurses , then after the agency out spends them and gets some dishonorable judge to rule with them, they get their cohorts in crime and simple minded partners to attack again . ? Wow this Ridenour is a real piece of work. She is so full of the devil it is hard to believe , by those who are not familiar with those who have this mental disorder .


  2. Is the AZ BD of nursing political , why would that be , if we’re talking public safety . Dirty politics has no room for directors who are always looking around for who is connected , we can ‘use” . Someone who can attack for us , getting others to do their dirty work . Partners in crime . Always devious mind set . Is Joke Ridenour a good example for any nurse ?? Or public figure . She paranoid , losing it . Joke Ridenour thinks that the number of years she was wrongfully in this position, that it will help her . Just more evidence against her . She ‘s a sick woman for sure . Long term counseling couldn’t not even begin to help . She is just unable to be salvaged at this point .


  3. Hogs, all of them. They sat waist deep in a large mud puddle which was fenced off especially for the hog-mollies to sunbathe. Ridenour was the largest sow in the pen, all the other hog-mollies gathered around her so to hear her squeal about the task of the day. Emma liked very much to sit as close as possible to Ridenour, not to hear the task but to smell the fart bubbles from Ridenour. Ridenour would squeal, grunt, and then fart. Mccornies was sitting close enough to notice all the bubbles from Ridenour’s farts and thought the bubbles were from new device the owners had rigged up so all the hog-mollies could enjoy a bubble bath. Look everyone grunted mccorny a bubble bath. Ridenour couldn’t believe how stupid mccornies was so she continued with her same sequence of squeal, grunt, and fart so bubblies were constantly produced.
    One little hog-molly seemed to caught on to the so called bubble bath an stintch coming out of Ridenour, so the little hog-molly began to distance herself by moving to the farthest side of the pen away from Ridenour.


    1. The smallest pig jerked down Carolyn McCormies underpants and no surprise there was that curly tail. How long can someone keep whoring themselves out for Jo Sr Ridenour ? What Mccormies is doing is the work of a street whore . Selling her soul and being an obedient tramp. IF anyone can soften the words do so but this is exactly what it is . Ridenour is the pimp of the board members .


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