Ridenour will not out grow or grow out of her mental illness .

Narcissist are by nature conflict seekers . They love to seek your reaction to pain. The love the game . They will destroy how others see you by lying , spreading rumors, and demeaning any way they can and use others.

A victim nurse finds themselves proving their innocence over and over which adds to the trauma and enjoyment of the sick individual who inflicted it. A narcissist will hurt others despite the cost to themselves. Their ego is boasted by causing pain . Then then go into the devaluation process . Covert narcissists are masters of lying .

Manipulation is the name of their game. The more people they can manipulate to work for them the more power they have and will bury the victim they have already done then unthinkable to .

Who is willing to join the narcissist mentally deranged , lots of people. Some will join in at first thinking , this is normal , then they start to think why are they doing this. If money is involved , they don’t care they just keep on . The more the person speaks up and exposes the TRUTH, the more the narcissist will hammer them back down.

No matter how old they are they are still acting like they did in younger years, it is not something they can stop , this is their ‘high’ . They are harder to spot for the average person because someone is calling them ‘grandma’ and that is associated with someone who is someone to look up to . Never look at Jokey as ‘grandma’ type , she was messed up when younger and she is messed up when older. Don’t look for any change. And never doubt any of this , just watch she shows her horns frequently , she has never lost her telling smirk.

Don’t trust who she chooses to be near and dear , they are “birds of a feather’, and they should never trust each other !

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