Ridenour is losing it . A big hint and clue she missed. Went right over her head.

The nursing boards TROJAN HORSE is someone that no one would ever think in a million years would be THAT person.

Might as well set up a lie detector test right in the office and run them all through it . This person is so clever and well hidden , they could pass it.

4 thoughts on “Ridenour is losing it . A big hint and clue she missed. Went right over her head.”

  1. Ridenour is a SEXUAL PREDATOR. Once a board sanctions the license holder the board lets the person go.
    Ridenour you are a sadistic predator, you are disgusting. Only predators continue to stalk people over and over or have their staff stalk the person and bring the information to the head predator.


    1. Joke Ridenour is extremely insecure . She has to destroy anyone who makes a statement against her and her cohorts in crime. She is a retaliation type who likes to get others in her game . A big hen with her chicklings trailing behind her . bird brains. No way this odd ball is anywhere near a director , hide behind titles you fools some . Only Jokey holds a license she pays for , no real nursing work or ceu’s just pay the money . ALong with that comes a duty and responsibility and the later will fry your butt on high ! burn babe !


  2. When you just wanted to work an honest job, make a decent living, buy a house, watch football and drink beer on the weekends…
    But a global death-cunts took over America and now you have to fight in the Information War and there are trannies in fish-net everywhere.
    Why would AZ allow this slimy snatch to keep STEALING money. It’s true Ridenour has a pea brain. She is STUPID.


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