What would VIRGINIA FETTER have to say about how her daughter is behaving ?

JOKEY RIDENOUR ‘s mother .

Did Joke learn her devious acts from her mother? Her father ? her husband. No not the latter because this behavior is so in grained in a deep disturbing way. Jokey is dangerous. Not sure about sexual but she is a predator and is on the hunt . Just like the Gov wants to control Face book and twitter with their weird excuses. Jokey wants to control those who speak against what she is doing , the horrible state of the office of the nursing board.

Using AZNA to do so . What’s up with these nurses who are a member of that group ? Do they think they are protected ? Woman are their own worst enemy , attack and destroy anyone who speaks up that this is not right what is going on . Jokey is a like a fighter pilot out of control and needs to be taken down . Trying to silence critics , telling others , they are just mad they are being punished. NO KIDDING , people don’t like to be wrongly attacked , labeled and punished for something they did not do ! ?

When jokey get punished it will be for lots of things she did deliberately .

4 thoughts on “What would VIRGINIA FETTER have to say about how her daughter is behaving ?”

  1. If anyone thinks bringing in ‘family ‘ is at all distasteful. They need to address it with JOKEY ! This is how her entire office operates . How low can she go ? pretty darn low. What a nasty old witch , to think because someone files a false complaint and the person has a license they can just stick her big nose into personal lives. (There’s more keep reading ).
    This is also what the AZNA supports .
    selina bliss , dawna cato , robin schafer < nasty hags that will do anything to be in with the dirty director ) . shame on all of them !


  2. Yes Ridenour is a very disturbed individual, and her stalking certain nurses does have a sick sexual component. Ridenour is an aggressive, vindictive, sick, disturbed predator who will go to any extreme to destroy someone who exposes her. All of us who have been on the butt end of her sick tactics have suffered immensely.
    Joey tell everyone how you like to be present via camera watching interviews of certain nurses. You know when the respondents have an interview with the investigator, and then the interview starts over an hour late because YOU RIDENOUR are stuck in traffic or are in another meeting. Jokey has the nurse respondent wait for her to get to a place where she can watch the investigator interview the respondent (nurse). Very disturbing.

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    1. oh yes they have a camera room . A notice is sent out to make it seem like you can go in and ask questions. WRONG . They answer nothing. They ask if you answer , thinking you just want to clear things up or say anything that would be embarrassing to a normal person , they will bring it up in court and ” ” quote it . or say “admitted to. Acting like detectives they are not, no other departments act quite the same as this corrupt nursing agency , run by a Clown .


    2. If she did not have money , her family would never have anything to do with her . If she was not dir no one would ever give her the time of day . That’s how they are . Put themselves in positions of power and abuse it every day , and those around her just turn a blind eye to it.


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