Finished this assignment and getting out of AZ !

Made it through the rough times, the micro managing. It too a lot of retraining to not tell them off and break the contract and just leave. Never so glad to gtfu. Happy Dance . So many weird events , mgt has the look of never trust them , ever .

3 thoughts on “Finished this assignment and getting out of AZ !”

  1. It’s great you completed the assignment and hopefully out of AZ. The AZ HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION does not like nurses to say anything about them, they will give bizarre Ridenour a jingle and have your license sanctioned. if you fight the false allegations then a squatty little HOG-Molly from the courts will FK you over too, and that’s SUNITA KRISHNA “oink” “oink”. That’s correct squatty piggy Sunita.

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    1. wow ! yes I am glad to have made it through unscathed. but then i hear it can happen up to 5 years. I’ll put my license on inactive . Banner really sucks too . Weird mgt , something very odd about them ! Just being here for only 3 months seems like I know all about Bizarre Beth too !


    2. A nursing board complaint is like being a pawn for the disturbed board members and sicko staff. It is like a nuremberg code, experiment . Humans are sacrificed by those willing to do the maximum power without any human sign of life in them . Like Laurie Daybell , her relatives said she never showed any emotion at all when the children were missing NONE. But promoted herself. turn the limelight on themselves . It’s all about them .


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