NNAA is a farce run by Jokey’s Ridenour ‘helper’ in crime.

Took some real planning, find someone with a BON complaint who can relate form a non profit like they are going to tear the BON apart .

Then all the do is ‘safe staffing’ waste of time . And how is that working ? Safe staffing, you know hospitals will not allow this to go through , not in AZ .

How is the BON OVERSIGHT working ??? What kind of over sight have you done ? Still pretending to be reading rules ? ?

“you can fool some of the nurses some of the time “. Get a life Wohead .

(oh and if you are dumb enough to fall for it and join, you will be duct taped at the mouth, like Jokey wanted in the first place !! )

5 thoughts on “NNAA is a farce run by Jokey’s Ridenour ‘helper’ in crime.”

  1. In February 2020 Wohead was volunteering at the AZ Nurses Associations however she did not disclose this information when she posted on Peary ‘s website with her contact information. Wohead was stating she needed nurses to help her form a group to get Ridenour out of the AZBN by: “SUNSET REVIEW”. However her true MO would be fully exposed by her questions to those of us who she contacted. Her Statement:
    “Peary can get sued for defamation if he continues to post about Ridenour & AZBN”.
    Not falling for it now and did not then WOHEAD. I am a Christian and when I am given a discernment of Caution I follow it. I pray daily, I read the scriptures daily, I repent for my sins daily. I have 3 personages in my life for guidance, I know when SATAN is using someone to deceive me.


    1. Wohead has more to worry about than trying to scare others off . Wohead can be sued by any one of the suckers who joined her fake “bon oversight ‘ . Wohead is not watching the BON she is stalking those who are against the AZ BON . Some real desperate spy work there .


    2. this “NO OVERSIGHT ” out of control board , doesn’t follow the Sunset review . Jokey appears to buy off or do favors for so many others , no end to the corruption. No end. EXCEPT one day it will end for her , she has to look over her shoulder, and wonder who is the snitch , inside snitch.


    3. Many employees leave the BON , big turnover , but one that stays , most likely because of his felonies on his record is Brett Sutter. BOn meeting there were several who said they sent in documents and the BON did not receive . This is Brett’s trick on nurses going thru the program . He shread’s them and laughs . A lot like Jokey she would love him and get him raises and reward his nasty behavior. He is listed a Kingdom Partnership Ministry Outreach partner . From Hastings NEB , those who know him there can’t stand him. IF BRETT SUTTER is your investigator , write him up he is lying !


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