Those with a board complaint.

At some point they may invite you to meet with investigator , they make it sound mandatory. It is not . The so called ‘investigator who could be last weeks secretary will walk to a room, always taking a second person. The second person is there to testify against you should you go to court. you are entitled to bring someone and not have to pay an atty. (they lie ) .

As soon as you head to a room, the investigator and their ‘witness ‘ against you will grab chairs , real fast , this is so you sit where the camera is on you. Dogs in the next room who play , detective , and mumble ‘there lying ‘ . Anything you say , they will put in headlines and put on the www web. in quotations.

Do not go to this crazy meeting, they will answer nothing ask you lots . It is a dumb as going down the the police station. DON”T DO IT . No matter how smart you think they are . Say nothing to them , don’t try to explain, what really happened they do not care . They are searching for you to say ANYTHING , and if you become emotional they will write that down as well as if their is something wrong with you . People who don’t cry are zealots , not human, and have zero empathy for anyone else in the world.

If you think you’ll try it your way and go and ‘just talk to them’ they are digging to find more dirt . Don’t go don’t answer just ask when the court date is .

7 thoughts on “Those with a board complaint.”

  1. Joke Ridenour…, your staff, and/or AZBN Board Members constantly bothering certain nurses is a Real Problem for YOU RIDENOUR.
    Don’t say you were not WARNED.


    1. anyone who was (wrongly appointed) to any position such as what she is in , should not have to be warned or told , the behavior is out of control , and is clearly focused on defaming . This is why they threatened (illegally ) for nurses not to discuss their matter or the investigative findings with ANYONE. BS! You send out the most damaging lies and don’t want the nurse to defend themselves just keep quiet. While Mamaluy is spreading lies all over the place !


    2. The presidents of azna are all so brain washed and one sided , Teri Hill, Selina Bliss, Dawna Cato , Robin Schafer. (they have a watch list) which is too funny . What are they ‘watching”? Silencing good nurses who were attacked by an out of control nursing agency run by a abuse of power money hungry dirty player .


    3. This hag cannot run an agency , has no mgt skills , just abuse of power. how many times has this dumb B* been told the recording the audio is pour and no one can hear ? How many times does she have to be told ??? Well we know the ‘game’ they are playing, they are doing it on purpose. So we’ll just get a group and go to the meetings in person. The meetings take so long because EVERY SINGLE PERSON CALLING IN SAYS THEY CANNOT HEAR WHAT THE PERSON IS SAYING. 2023 and AUDIO cannot be any clearer ??? TELEPHONE cannot be be able to hear ???? Replace that bag of wind ! with someone who can do the job.


    4. send a cease and desist , although a mature person who is head of a large agency should know better . Any normal person would not let those who stick up for themselves bother them . But JOKE Ridenour is a get even kind of hard *ss , likes to ‘stick it to em” . She has her gang surrounding her and if any of them speak against what she is doing they are gone. Very childish on her part and giving the task to others , in a very unethical way . Two faced dirty bitch. She tried to smile at one who stood up to her , he stuck his tongue out (LOL !! !)


  2. When anyone ask me for the fraudulent, “investigative report” which was wrote about me I freely give it out because it’s is PURE FICTION and not true facts.


    1. When nurses look up other nurses to read their report , when that nurses has had a case and knows the bon lies and writes it biased. Got to wonder why they would read it cause they know the bon lies , and puts out there a very nasty report , quoting their liars , every step of the way.


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