Open Letter AZNA (cohorts to the corrupt AZBON )

A Letter From the Arizona Nurses Association,February 1, 2012, Author: Mother Jones, RN:”I wrote a letter to the Arizona Nurses Association when I learned that the association was not coming to the aid of Amanda Trujillo. If you haven’t heard, Amanda was fired from Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center after she educated one of her patients about their upcoming liver transplant. I wrote about it here and here. I couldn’t understand why the association was twiddling its thumbs until I learned that Teri Hill, the president of AzNA is also the Director of Professional Practice at Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center.

This is what I wrote:

“I’ve been a registered nurse for 35 years and I had thought I had seen everything until I read about the persecution of Amanda Trujillo. I wondered why the Arizona Nurses Association wasn’t backing her until I learned that you are affiliated with the hospital that fired Ms. Trujillo. Shame on you for throwing a nurse under the bus just to appease a doctor that obviously has an anger management issue. Sorry the hospital lost out on a billable procedure, but the patient had a right to know about all of their treatment options. I hope your membership throws you all out of office for not backing Ms. Trujillo. You are a disgrace to the nursing profession.”

6 thoughts on “Open Letter AZNA (cohorts to the corrupt AZBON )”

  1. Amanda’s life was forever changed in a horrific fashion, she suffered immense and so did those who were close to her.
    Everyone of us who have been a victim of AZBN for helping patients have also suffered. Look what Ridenour has just recently done, helped put another former YRMC nursing instructor , who was president of the ARIZONA NURSES ASSOCIATION, in as a congresswoman (Selina Bliss).
    Bliss too is a disgrace to nursing not to mention a disgrace as someone to make decisions for AZ citizens. Complete organized crime full of criminals in AZ.
    Ridenour does not like to be exposed nor does her corporate thugs who run medical facilities in AZ.


    1. While JOKE Ridenour and her crew are smirking and making fun of he situation , spreading lies to their cohorts in crime who will repeat them , no charge . SHAME ON JOKEY the bone head , nasty , vile, corrupt ring leader .


    2. What kind of people assigned to do a job , can do this to another person. ? DEMONS they are all DEMONIC . Valerie Smith being paid to read her fb site. SNOOPING ON PEOPLE , CONTROLLING .


    3. Ridenour will only send names to the Gov of the most corrupt dirty players to be appointed to the BON. SHAMEFUL DUCEY was more than willing to comply . McCormies is such a liar and willing to go along with deceit she got a second bite at the apple . Never should anyone be allowed on a bd , over their time limit esp. this one who influences the others . And has a real dirty lawyer telling her what to say and how high to jump. MCCormies license should be revoked .


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