IT is the Bon and staff who request the dip sh*t at the AG prosecute cases. So big CHIEF , that is CHIEF Bull Sh*tter EMMA MAMALUY , this case is YOUR LOSS . educated in law , your suppose to know the law. your suppose to over see cases . YOUR LOSS, YOUR THE LOSER.

Mamaluy tells dumb board members she is there to protect them HAHAHAHA. The law firm that took the case (that was manufactured bunch of nonsense) is not one that will do sneeky schemes with MAMALUY . Old emma likes to talk in private with certain attys who will play lets make a deal and make it sound like she ‘worked so hard to get a settlement ” when really she pulled illegal tricks and those dirty atty are willing to do so.

Look at the atty’s who used to go to the BON all the time, and now never see them , they know they are corrupt and just stay away. The BON does not follow the law.

FAILURE on emma mamaluy part she is too busy body into other areas , or just too stupid to know the laws too . moron who can’t get a job with a real firm .

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