He is suppose to be watching the cases , he is suppose to know legal . Allowing a case to be reversed is ON HIM. It is a bad smear for the corrupt OAH !

Along with VELVA MOSES-THOMPSON , a real piece of work . What kind of judge allows a case to continue when the respondent has not been notified properly . Just ignore the nurse . You are a horrible example of anything legal or justice at all along with Greg Hanchett !

Moses-Thompson recommended revocation , even though the police report was not in the hands of the respondent !! WTF , you need another job , cause your a unethical , illegal player .

The worst of the worst is EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY , who’s Jokey ‘s personal attorney . MUD on your face , you thought this nurse would just let this go , and go away. ! HA !

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