Oh yes ELIZABETH CAMPBELL lost in court , the scary part is she taught Krishna the ropes ! dumb and dumber .

The board is in a tough spot , now they have to start all over . And pay the other sides atty fees out of your tax dollars , because dumb dumb wouldn’t listen .

Campbell knew or should have known what she was doing as a slick trick . But bet the odds that she would not be taken to court by a nurse.

That reasoning is pretty sound because the number of nurses who get totally screwed in their career field , and lost huge amount of money and time, may go to that rigged hearing room in the basement of the BON building . But after that they just seem to drift off into the sunset. Either waiting to karma to bite them in the *ss or out of money. Glad this nurse took it higher and made the incompetent board of nursing agency exposed and a mockery of what it is really all about ! eat crow !

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