Any profession is better than nursing !


The gov silencing healthcare workers ! You can’t have your own thoughts . Guess that is one good thing about surrendering , NO one can tell you what to say or you can’t say . <not even blimperly woohead > . Although they certainly try . Who is going to let anyone take away their rights to freedom of speech. Not someone who risked their life in war ! The az board of nursing is out of line. The Medical board is out of line. PHP programs are a trick . No wonder emma mamaluy is friends with the dirty docs who run that program . She is in the commoner crowd , willing to do what ever it takes to get what she wants and make the other party think she worked so hard.

SCAB CITY is Mamaluy . She will get others to go after certain ones with the force of her tongue . She has been spreading rumors and lies , people talk, and she is caught red handed . The board members need to be very careful listening and repeating what this dirty dog has done .

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