JOKE RIDENOUR doesn’t sleep well

The ones who will not let her do the damage she does go unnoticed ! They are in her head 24/7 . She is plotting and planning , her staff see’s this , to come up with anything she can to ‘get even ‘ once again . As if her and her demons did not do enough .

The queen bee does not like anyone telling anyone about what they do how they do it and share with anyone their dirty bag of tricks. The queen bee is about to get knocked off the throne .

2 thoughts on “JOKE RIDENOUR doesn’t sleep well”

  1. “Screaming and aggressively stalking visitors and residents”, “bizarre behavior was witnessed by staff”.
    Comments was documented by our well educated investigators who suck the money tree, and who will roll over like a dog in heat to get what she wants one way or another. Our investigator lie like a MF’er and we have the best of the best trained by bully dyke herself V. Smith, and the rug Campbell.
    Lying MF’ers from the most famous Nursing Board in the United States of America right here in Arizona at AZBN, we can lie like no one else on this planet.


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