Valerie Smith was Joke Ridenour’s puppet for years . She was one who was very suspect of anyone who attended court hearings or came to the bon. She was good at ‘acting ‘ like she didn’t care but was right on them figuring out who and what they were about.

Smith of course put herself as an expert in drugs . She had years of time and paychecks to research . She went to NCSBN , and tried to impress them there .

She was bumping with one of the investigators , who she bought a house (Carrigan) .
Well this investigator had a nurse who was working on a reservation. She had probation drug screens and of course alcohol. She took a knee and bowed down the creeps at the board, praised them , couldn’t say enough how she ‘loved them’ . They voted and decided to close her case and she was off probation . THEN (as if it was already suspected she had been drinking ) she said OH and my last urine was dilute because i was drinking a lot of water I am so sorry. ” (nothing like putting your foot in your mouth ,saying to much , and not keeping QUIET (p b) . ! They IGNORED her statement and still decided to let her off probation. Anyone knows a dilute is a POSITIVE !

Then Valerie Smith talk was on workplace violence. And personal safety . BUT when a case comes about nurses with DV spouses, or leaving an area because of personal safety she is 180 the other direction ! It is HER FAULT , the NURSE is a liar . Very sad that someone who studied DRUGS so much and talks about protecting one self she can flip when they want to destroy a good nurse . Talking out of both sides of her mouth . The retirement package s YES with an “S” . hope she chokes on and brings her bad ju ju .

14 thoughts on “Valerie Smith was Joke Ridenour’s puppet for years . She was one who was very suspect of anyone who attended court hearings or came to the bon. She was good at ‘acting ‘ like she didn’t care but was right on them figuring out who and what they were about.”

  1. Bull Dyke’s hate white heterosexual males, and ole V. Smith is a Bull Dyke, and a dumb one at that. “Birds of a feather flock together”, that’s why ridiculous Ridenour always has queer bitches around her, she doesn’t like white heterosexual males either, well except to breed with a few times. If Ridiculous Ridenour ran a legitimate GOVERNMENT branch she would not need to be so paranoid of others coming in and watching the AZ nursing board proceedings, nor would she feel compelled to hire illegals from the mustang ranch, however she is a paranoid schizophrenic who needs medication.

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  2. That was their names but lying ; screwing people over was their game. Come one come all they stated, we will train anyone who demonstrates a marked enthusiastic interest in lying. If you is a racist and believes in racial discrimination this is the place for you. We train all who is willing to assist us in lying, No college education, no problem, no high school diploma, no GED, no problem. We here’s at AZBN gotcha covered, we will teach any slime ball or Brother on the proper techniques to lying.
    Jealousy is another great characteristic here at AZBN, we will go to great lengths to DESTROY any well educated, critical thinking nurse who stands up to us LYING on them.
    Types of characters we hate and will not hire, an they is: Honesty, intelligence, dependability, accountability, an selflessness.
    Only liar’s apply.


    1. They sure do lie a lot all of them . The newer ones go along with it , just as bad as lying their heads off . Chief liar of course if EMMA . Never got her mouth washed out with soap as a kid , this is something that comes from poor parenting as well.


  3. Lying Emma won’t get immunity from prosecution for targeting certain nurses. A word of caution to U hoe Emma, you keep calling other states an harassing nurses who NO LONGER PRACTICE IN AZ simply because one of us has your number, its going to cost your personal bank account, and no you can’t squeal you were doing your job. Stop calling my place of work, stop calling neighbors, an managers.
    Don’t be so **** FK’n stupid to think the scum Ridenour will pay your legal fees.
    Ridenour is a money grumbler.


    1. She will suffer the wrath of her lies . Material possessions are what these sociopaths live for . Half of the people would never take any amount of money to lie deceit cause infliction of pain and suffering when they know it all a lie . Then there is the emma mamaluy type . She making way more money screwing over good nurses and lying to the BON members then she did as a teacher. And NO principal is going to back this demon . parents complained and mamaluy had no backing with stupid Jokey Ridenour she can do what ever she wants SCARY !!!!! Ridenour getting paid to run the agency but allows other to do it . with proof she will fry for this . !


  4. V Smith is still pulling strings for her former ole bisexual boss “Joke”. Smith just created a blundering mess for a company after she encouraged the company’s employees to LIE ON A EX-AZ NURSE in another state. AZBN does not like it when the nurses they lie on are successful in other states.
    Emma & Smith are dirty little minions.
    When the flood lights are switched on the underbrush, you will see two naked giblets standing with their eye wide open with FEAR.


  5. Smith was know for screwing up investigations, that’s why the AG’s office never want her to help with anything. Smith was lucky to have a bi-weekly paycheck for so long, Jokey made sure to that as long as smith did jockey’s dirty work.


    1. VALERIE SMITH was at county , and Joke Ridenour knew she would need her GANG of liars to pull it off as dir of the bon. Joke always wants her backers and has a lot of stupid nurses at azna to do just what she wants . They get rewarded by any complaint on them tossed immediately . It’s better than license protection insurance to kiss Joke’s butt . Smith quit at least 3 times , and got rehired , pension each time .


  6. Giblets are the inners of the foul, and no one wants those inners after they were in a foul.
    The giblets get tossed, and the foul gets fried.
    Ju is responsible for da actions of U’s people Jokey.


    1. FOUL PLAY .The scores are no good . Worthless . Everything happening is done under Jokey ‘s Ridenour’s watch. (if that doesn’t scare the hell out of anyone with a license nothing will ) . Check out her pattern and dirty bag of tricks !


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