This really dingy , just plain “not getting it ” is now gone from the AZBON.

Knock off one dirty mormon. So is her husband the moron who was at the senate who says ‘he wants to be out of the limelight and be an average guy , told her get off so it wouldn’t hurt his campaign/ ????? Like Boyer is mayor material NOT !!!! . The only time these mormons go to the Glendale arena is when their meetings are held there . Some dirty old men telling everyone how to act and how high to jump. And it is a money loser , here come the little house on the prairie , weird hair and dresses with a ton of kids and a ton of food so they don’t even open the concession stands. All orchestrated by the bishops who want all the money , MANDATORY , paid to them . Feed the kids crackers and pay up ! Obedient and abnormal children sitting and not being children so abnormal it is abusive !

TOO LATE BOYER ! ALthough, “Beth” seemed ‘nice’ she really did not get the damage she was doing to others. Ordering psych evals and saying “I really don’t want you to have to pay all the money , BUT ” HEY Bethy , the evaluation is to get EVIDENCE by a dirty doc against the nurse . The nurse pays out hundreds to build evidence against them !!! FAKE EVIDENCE . By Fake Dr’s , with FAke opinions . It is all a rouse !!

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